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Veterinary Practices

Now is the time to upgrade with Forbes Total Rental Solution.

Vetinary Practices
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Veterinary practices present their own unique challenges in terms of laundry management. In order to maintain a sanitary environment, staining, excessive hair and fur build up, and heavy soiling all need to be surmountable.

Our machines are robust and heavy duty, so can handle the requisite high throughput. They also offer both sluice and thermal disinfection, enabling strict infection control.

With Miele, you can be assured of quality and reliability. After rigorous endurance testing of all products, accross 40,000 laundry programmes, these machines are designed to work in the most challenging work environments. Miele professional laundry and Forbes can provide the right solution to fit your requirements, and importantly, your budget.

We are also able to offer larger machines, for horse rugs, should they be required.

We always offer all veterinary practices an initial, complimentary on site survey. We will then deliver and fully install all equipment. Our clients then have the peace of mind afforded by our comprehensive same day service.


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