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See Why Miele Professional Machine will Make the Difference

Professional Experience for Professional Users:

Miele professional hotel washers

Miele has been leading the field in developing washer-extractors and cleaning Processes for over a century. As well as versatile machine systems for in-house laundries, adaptable to every size of business, the product range includes practical accessories, as well as professional dishwashers for all daily dishwashing requirements.

Quality Build

Miele machines are made with the highest quality materials and expert workmanship. All components, from the shock-absorbers on the drum cradle and the drum bearings to the outer casing and the very last nut and bolt in the machines, are quality tested to ensure many years of good service. Both the washer extractors and tumble dryers are available with either a high-grade stainless steel housing, or a high-quality vitreous direct enamel housing which is resistant to corrosion, yellowing and chipping.

exploded dishwasher example

Space Frame Construction

Many machines are awkward to service because opening them to access components is a lengthy process. With a MIELE LITTLE GIANT the front, sides and lid are easily removed by undoing a few screws, so all major working parts are easy for a service engineer to access.

Patented Honeycomb drum

Miele's unique patented Honeycomb drum is made from high grade stainless steel. With a sculptured surface, a thin film of water cushions the garments in the drum to reduce fibre breakage and pilling. The specially designed drum ribs together with optimised drum rhythms help drench the laundry quickly so programme durations are shorter, water consumption levels are kept down and your laundry gets the best possible care.

the drum

Large Capacity Drum With Drum Lighting

The new drums in the MIELE LITTLE GAINT have a maximum load capacity of 5.5 kg (PW 6055) or 6.5 kg (PW 6065) dry weight and are ideal for the efficient processing of large quantities of laundry. With a 30 cm wide door aperture, access for loading and unloading has been improved, and because the drum has integrated lighting there is no danger of leaving something behind when unloading it.

Efficient Professional Motor

The powerful asynchronous motor, with its frequency-controlled drive system, enables a gentle run-up to spin and high spin speeds of up to 1400 rpm to be achieved. A patented two-stage imbalance sensing system guarantees optimum laundry distribution during spinning, ensures maximum spinning performance, and is a contributing factor to the legendary longevity of Miele machines. With a G-factor of 526, water extraction is very efficient and laundry can be dried quickly and efficiently in the matching tumble dryer afterwards.

Individual Solutions for Individual Requirements

Up to 4 liquid detergent dispensing pumps can be connected to the machine for simple, precise and economical dispensing. The machines can also be connected to a payment system and are equipped with a serial interface for connection to a PC or printer.


New PROFITRONIC L electronic controls with multi-function selector and user navigation offer a wide selection of programmes which enable the machines to handle a diverse range of fabrics and particular requirements. The machines are equipped to deal with, for instance: kitchen linen and table linen, curtains, pillows, outerwear and proofing. With additional features such as programme delay and a time left display these machines enable the user to manage their time efficiently.

Short Programme Durations

Quick wash programmes enable fast processing times and efficient laundry turnaround. With this faster throughput more programmes can be run daily and you can maintain smaller stocks of laundry.

Healthcare Applications

Dump valve drain versions feature two sluice and thermal disinfection programmes meeting Department of Health guidelines HSG (95) 18, and conform to the requirements of The Care Standard Act 2000.