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Trade Shows Highlight Persistent Compliance Issues

22nd November 2018

Our commercial team have had a busy few weeks exhibiting at both The Vet Show at Excel, London and The Care Roadshow in Epsom, Surrey. Both exhibitions were really interesting and we made some great new contacts as well as catching up with some existing clients. However, the events also served as a stark reminder of the need for on-going education with regards to the hygiene requirements for commercial laundry operations, across the sectors. It is staggering that so many care homes and veterinary clinics continue to employ domestic laundry machines and dishwashers when such equipment is entirely inadequate for the environment in which they are being used. In order to comply with WRAS guidelines and hygiene regulations, is imperative that healthcare sector uses commercial machines with requisite the sluice programmes, high temperature hold, dumps valves and appropriate connections. Processing scrubs, red bag washing and animal hair requires industry specific functionality and the appropriate segregation systems in order to maintain efficient infection control.

Laundry really is a vital consideration for any healthcare environment and it is essential to adhere to the necessary guidelines. Forbes Professional offers complimentary site surveys and can deliver all of the necessary advice and equipment to help ensure full compliance with industry regulations and avoidance of cross contamination. Proud partners of Miele, Primus and Maytag, our washing machines can provide sluice and thermal disinfection, as well as employing dump valves to fully adhere to both WRAS and CQC guidelines. We can also assist with planning or CAD designs to ensure full adherence to the necessary regulations. After delivery, our clients have the peace of mind afforded by efficient hygiene control processes and full compliance as well as having access to a first-class service support.

Digital Signage is our Showstopper at Hotelympia

14th March 2018

Forbes Professional's stand at the Hotelympia trade show, March 2018

Our commercial team were busy last week exhibiting at Hotelympia. One of our favourite shows of the year, this event stands at the forefront of hospitality innovation, bringing together thousands of businesses, hoteliers, restaurants and pubs. We always see these exhibitions as a fantastic opportunity to catch up with existing clients as well as to promote our latest products, and engage with potential new clients.

This year we were exhibiting our laundry, rotary ironing and dishwashing equipment as well as showcasing our hotel TV and guest communication and digital signage solutions. Our signage was extremely popular as it is so easily customisable and can be updated remotely for multi-screen or multi-site functionality. It provides a high impact delivery of informative and wayfinding information for hotel foyers, conference rooms and corridors.

As ever, our Miele stacked commercial washing machines and tumble dryers were very well received as they are highly effective and robust whilst reducing the footprint in the room. It was the first time we had brought a rotary ironer to a show and it also generated a lot of interest amongst the smaller laundry operations.

It was great to see so many familiar faces and we will be busy meeting up with our new contacts over the next few weeks.

‘As always, it was really good to catch up with so many of our clients at the exhibition, and our new products will hopefully lead to some account expansions. Our diaries are pretty busy for the next month as we follow up on all the new leads — Thankfully our feet have now recovered from all the hours on the stand!’

Gill Russell, National Account Manager.

Forbes Professional Helps Plan, Design and Equip a New Commercial Launderette

31st October 2017

Miele Primus washing machines

Commercial launderettes have their own particular requirements when it comes to laundry equipment.

Space needs to be fully optimised and quick cycles are essential as the turnover rate is directly correlated to the revenue generated. We provide a wide range of washers and dryers which can be configured for coin operation for commercial use.

We recently worked with Johnson Launderette in Pembrokeshire, Wales as they set up a new laundry facility. Having bought an unused telephone exchange in 2016 with the intention of turning it into a commercial launderettes, the owners worked with our team throughout the planning stages to ensure that they made the right procurement decisions. We were able to advise them on all aspects from industry compliance requirements, electricity, water and gas supplies to product selection.

This was an unusual installation and the owners required an LPG tank to run the dryers and heat the hot water. Our team of manufacturer trained engineers fully installed and commissioned a selection of Primus commercial washers and dryers, in varying sizes, with both gas and electric supply and with and without coin operation. Johnson’s chose our Complete Care package and has the benefit of our same/ next day engineer response service, with no repair or replacement bills for the life of the contract.

‘Installation went very smoothly and I am really happy with the service and Forbes gave me all the advice I needed to set up my new launderette. We required a service call out for one of the washers and Forbes’ engineers were very quick to respond and we got a replacement machine. We have had great feedback about the machines as they up to date and easy to use.’

Richie, Owner, Johnson’s Launderettes, Wales.

Maximise Signage Potential in your Hotel Foyer

31st October 2017

Hotel digital signage

There is a growing trend towards installing digital signage in hotels, and the opportunities it presents to the hotelier as well as the impact that it can have on the visitor experience are considerable.

As a transition point for guests, a hotel foyer receives an audience that is very responsive to any information about the hotel or the locality. Digital signage can deliver this information in an engaging, striking and fun format, without being obtrusive. From an aesthetic point of view, signage can also add visual appeal and provide entertainment whilst modernising the hotel lobby and elevating the first impression.

Forbes Professional provides a wide range of signage solutions that enable hoteliers to blend promotional, welcoming and informative messaging with live video streams. Our fully customisable software perfectly compliments our display screens for a complete turnkey solution. As required, we can help with content design, build and management. Every element of the design can be tailored to our clients’ specific requirements and branding, and all content is stored in a cloud-based location to enable remote updates. This centralised solution is ideal for multi-site operations, or hotel marketing teams.

Our screens represent an invaluable platform for improving visitor familiarity with the hotel and the local area as well as and highlighting specific events, luxury amenities, the hotel restaurant or special spa promotions. It can also be a source of additional revenue stream if the platform is sold as an advertising space to local businesses. Our touch screens provide a more interactive way-finding experience and are also a great way to receive and display the all important guest feedback.

Forbes will be exhibiting our freestanding digital posters at the Independent Hotel Show Olympia where we would be delighted to discuss how signage could add value to your hotel.

A New ‘Invisible’ TV Delivers a High Impact.

31st October 2017

Samsung's new Frame TV in a hotel installation

A lot of time and money is invested in the design of a hotel bedroom in order to create a stylish and welcoming space.

However, despite not being an item that hoteliers would ideally incorporate into the aesthetic of that space, a television is an absolute necessity in any guest room that inevitably becomes a central focal point. With the hotel standards for screen sizes ever increasing, the result is that a very large, highly reflective black screen invariably dominates bedrooms. However, there is now an alternative.

Forbes Professional will be showcasing Samsung's new Frame TV at the Independent Hotel Show. The Frame enhances its surroundings, wherever it is placed. When not being used as a television, this stylish screen serves as a high impact digital frame for displaying artwork or photographs and makes a striking impression on any wall. Pre-loaded with 100 pieces of art and with access to 300 more from renowned global artists, you can find a piece to suit any interior design and to become a talking point for each guest. The framework itself is customizable to suit the environment with black bezel, beech, white and metal options that easily snap into place.

Every element of this 4K HDR PRO television’s design is of the highest quality. With over a billion shades of colour and four times the resolution of HD, the picture quality is incredibly lifelike with rich contrast and great depth. The art mode feature comes into play when guests are not watching the television and the screen comes with built in motion sensors that can be set to turn the screen off at a designated point after it senses that there is no-one in the room. To further conserve energy, when it senses that the room is dark, it can also be set to turn itself off. The Frame also has a brightness sensor, which intelligently detects the ambient light and adjusts the display settings so that the artwork always looks it best.

If you are looking for something that will give your hotel rooms an extra edge, impressing your guests whist enhancing the interior design, come and see this amazing television for yourselves.

Miele Rotary Ironer Revolutionises the Laundry Process for a Luxury Bed and Breakfast

31st October 2017

Elm Tree Bed and Breakfast & Miele Ironer

Forbes Professional's commercial account managers have been busy working a diverse range of projects that were generated from this year's Independent Hotel Show.

Whilst we were exhibiting there, we had the pleasure of being approached by Elm Tree Bed and Breakfast. Based in idyllic rural Lincolnshire, the owners of this stunning, 5* Gold luxury accommodation were looking to streamline their laundry process. All bedding was being finished manually, and ironing the sheets to an immaculate finish was proving to be extremely time consuming as their business had undergone exponential growth. We arranged to conduct a site survey in order to decipher the products that were best suited to their specific requirements.

The Miele HM 16-83 commercial rotary ironer was the ideal solution for the Elm Tree. It doesn't take up a huge footprint in the room but it delivers optimum results whilst maintaining impressively low energy consumption values. With a 15kg/hour capacity and a variable roller speed it would enable them to work at their own pace whilst ensuring the perfect laundry finish that was central to their service delivery. As with all clients, our manufacturer trained engineers delivered, installed and commissioned the new laundry equipment, and offered any necessary user training. The Elm Tree also chose our Complete Care package and will have access to our first class engineer response service. When we followed up after installation to check that all was running as expected, the feedback was a great testament to the benefits of using commercial finishing equipment.

‘Completed all the ironing in two hours!!! Normally takes seven! Thank you so much!!’

Jonathan Wilkinson-White, Owner, The Elm Tree

Carefully selected commercial laundry and finishing products can drastically improve the efficiency of a busy hotel business, and rotary ironers free up valuable staff time whilst delivering perfectly smooth sheets, table clothes and pillow cases. To find out how we can help save your business time and money, please contact us our head office on 0345 0702335.

Busy Welsh Motel Trust Forbes and Miele for Rental Laundry and Warewashing Equipment

30th October 2017

Miele Commercial Laundry installed at Forge Lodge

Forbes Professional’s aim is always to build long term relationships with our clients and to guide them through the latest technological advances.

We can provide a streamlined solution for all laundry, dishwashing and audio-visual requirements and our clients the peace of mind afforded by our first class service response. Clients often approach us as they are looking to review one area, and then expand their product range as new requirements develop.

Last year we worked with Forge Lodge to deliver them an up to date commercial laundry operation. Boasting high quality lodge accommodation in extensive grounds and with a range of facilities, this hotel is ideally situated at the gateway to Pembrokeshire and West Wales. Having been let down by their previous laundry suppliers they wanted to find a service partner that they knew they could rely upon when needed. After a comprehensive site survey we installed a Miele PW6080 8kg washer, a Miele PW5105 washer, and two PT8303 12-15 kg gas dryers, complete with plinths for the washing machines.

Recently, Forge Lodge found that their existing dishwasher was in need of frequent and costly repairs so they approached us again, to add a dishwasher to their Miele laundry equipment. Our engineers installed and commissioned a pass through Miele PG8172, which was the ideal ware-washer for their environment. With exceptionally fast cycles and a capacity of 1296 plates/ hour it is perfect for a busy commercial kitchen. Its clever through-feed system makes it is extremely user friendly and efficient, especially when time is of the essence. They will now benefit from a centralised service for any ongoing account management, repair or maintenance requirements. This single point of contact system helps simplify the process and expedite our response times.

Dairies Cut Costs with Re-Usable Udder Wipes and In-House Laundry Operations.

30th October 2017

UK dairy farms are moving away from disposable udder wipes and looking for a more cost efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

Dairy Farm with cow & washing machine

Re-usable udder cloths can enable significant financial savings and eliminate unnecessary waste without compromising the condition or cleanliness of the dairy. However, it is essential that an appropriate commercial laundry function is in place to ensure that the requisite hygiene standards are maintained. Prior to milking, the key dairy requirement is to ensure that each cow’s teats are efficiently cleaned in order to minimise the risk of high bacterial cell counts or Mastitis. There is a direct correlation between the farm's ability to reduce the incidences of such occurrences and their ability to maximise on the price of the milk that is produced.

The volume of laundry that is generated will depend on the herd size but with cows being milked several times each day, the turnover of cloths used is always extremely high within a dairy environment. As such, an industrial machine needs to be employed as they are engineered to be robust and durable enough to handle the daily throughput. Our Miele machines provide both sluice and thermal disinfection to ensure adherence with the most stringent hygiene regulations. These commercial washing machines are highly programmable and can be set according to the load requirements. For the processing of dairy cloths, it is ideal that they are programmed so as to retain some residual moisture at the end of the wash in order to be immediately ready for the point of use.

Our industrial washing machines are perfectly complemented by our auto-dosing machines, further enhancing the process by always insuring that the appropriate quantity of detergent is dispensed. This eradicates and waste from spillages and eliminates user error.

With the wholesale price of dairy products in decline, it is essential that farmers look to make cost savings, and streamline their processes. Using re-usable udder cloths and laundering them in-house is a cost effective system that considerably improves business performance. Our Miele commercial washing machines comply with the necessary water board, hygiene and food safety regulations for a dairy environment and are available for sale, lease or rental. With flexible finance solutions, clients can avoid upfront capital outlay and gain access to premium brands with full installation, ongoing detergent provision and a comprehensive service support service.

Visit us at the Independent Hotel Show, 17-18th October 2017.

9th October 2017

Forbes Professional is looking forward to returning to the Independent Hotel Show in October.

Independent Hotel Show, 17th – 18th October 2017, Olympia, London

This is a prominent business event for luxury and boutique hoteliers, with over 300 exhibitors and a fantastic turnout of hotel owners from across the UK. As one of the largest exhibitions that we attend, we always see it as a great opportunity to catch up with our existing clients as well as to gain new business.

Getting there

Seminar Programme


This year we will be showcasing our new Samsung frame TV as an exciting alternative to the large black screen that can dominate a hotel room. When not being used as a television, the screen becomes a stylish digital frame to show photographs or artwork. It will impress and entertain guests whilst enhancing any interior design.

We will also be demonstrating our hotel specific television and info channel solutions, as well as our customisable digital signage. We can help with the design, build and content management to ensure that you deliver high impact messaging that reflects your hotel branding.

Additionally, we will be bringing along some of our latest Miele rotary ironers, laundry and dishwashing products. Our experienced account managers will also be offering drop-in laundry consultancy and cost-calculator service to demonstrate the savings that can be made by processing laundry in house.

Dosing Systems and Detergents

6th April 2017

Forbes Professional Adds Dosing Systems and Detergents to their Product Range to Provide a Complete Laundry Solution.

Forbes Professional Adds Dosing Systems and Detergents

There is a huge demand from within the industry for commercial washers that have integrated, programmable systems to enable auto-selection, as opposed to employing an external dosing module that requires manual programming for each wash.

Forbes Professional have responded to our clients’ requirements and are now able to provide an end-to-end laundry solution, from the initial site survey and subsequent installation to our comprehensive service support and ongoing detergent provision.

Our new chemical dosing pumps are programmable from the machine to ensure that the correct quantity of detergent is dispersed for each wash.  This technology is invaluable in a commercial laundry environment as it avoids unnecessary waste and eliminates user error. It also significantly streamlines the laundry process and frees up valuable staff time. The dosing pumps employ a Venturi system which can be more durable than other methods using traditional tubes that are prone to frequent wear and need periodic replacement.

We provide a range of chemicals including low temperature detergents that kill viruses and bacteria, including MRSA and C-Difficile. This is particularly useful for the processing of synthetic or woollen fabrics in a healthcare environment.

Our team of experts help companies of all sizes, from small, independent organisations to large, nationwide multi-site groups to procure and maintain the laundry solutions that suit their specific environment. We understand that an efficient laundry operation is critical to the running of a successful business and our all-inclusive Complete Care package gives access to premium brands and a first class engineer response without upfront capital investment.

Forbes Professional Provides Miele Laundry and Dishwashing Solution for Care Home in Scotland

12th January 2017

Our commercial team were recently approached by a care home in Scotland that was looking to revise their commercial laundry and dishwashing provision after being continually let down by their existing service provider.

After numerous disappointing scenarios where they had been unable to get the breakdown response that they required, the care home owner had decided to completely overhaul their laundry operation, and to search for a service partner that they could depend upon. Miele Laundry and Dishwashing Solution for Care Home in Scotland

After John Dobbs, our account manager, conducted a site survey and full consultation to ascertain their specific requirements, it was concluded that Miele’s robust and durable laundry equipment was the perfect solution and the client was reassured that our nationwide network of service depots would facilitate a first class same day/next day response service.

Our fully trained engineers installed and commissioned two 8kg Miele commercial washers, two 8kg Miele commercial dryers with a total wash to dry time of 96 minutes and a Miele PG8166 tank dishwasher with a 55 second short wash program. The laundry equipment was mounted onto plinths, chemically bonded and drilled to the floor, and all plumbing and venting pipe work was completed in accordance with WRAS stipulations. The installation was completed over a couple of days with the minimum disruption to the clients and residents. After programming and commissioning the equipment we provided staff with all the necessary user training to ensure that the appliances will be fully optimised.

Since the installation, John has re-visited the site to ensure that everything was working efficiently and that there was no need for any further programming. The feedback from the staff was that the equipment has been simple to operate and provides an immaculate end result.

A New Build Care Home Chooses Miele Professional’s Dryers and Saves up to 60 % on Energy Costs.

11th January 2017

Forbes Professional was proud to be awarded the commercial laundry contract for a new care facility in Yorkshire. The client was was looking for the latest Miele Professional laundry equipment for their new laundry operation.

Miele Professional Heat Pump dryer installation

The inclusion of the revolutionary heat pump dryer PT8337 WP with its 325 litre drum and 13-16kg load capacity will enable the care home to achieve an impressive 60% saving on energy costs, compared to a standard dryer. The heat pump technology precludes any requirement for costly ventilation ducting, making it the ideal choice when no external ducting is possible. Miele’s commercial laundry range is exquisitely engineered to provide the optimum end result, whilst achieving impressive water and energy efficiency.

Sustainability and environmental management programmes are becoming increasingly important for care operators as they strive to develop practical solutions to make their operations more ‘green.’ Forbes Professional can help clients achieve these targets not only with our energy efficient laundry machines but also with our innovative auto-dosing pumps which ensure that there is no unnecessary detergent waste. Our experienced account managers can devise an end-to-end solution that works for the particular environment.

For TV or Laundry Solutions, Forbes’ Nationwide Infrastructure is Ideal for National Multi-Site Operations

10th January 2017

Whether our clients are looking for commercial laundry or audiovisual solutions, if they are running national/ multi-site operations they need to ensure uniformed quality across the group. Our expansive network of service depots and fully trained in-house engineers enables us to provide the streamlined and responsive service upon which we pride ourselves.

Miele PG8172 dishwasher in operation

We were recently contacted by a national charity that wanted a supplier that could provide premium commercial laundry equipment nationally for their multi-site operation, with a simple payment structure and single point of contact for all account/ service management.

Our Miele products were selected due to the quality of manufacturing and the immaculate end results. The PG8172 dishwasher was ideal for their busy kitchen, with impressive turnaround of 1296 plates/ hr. This premium commercial pass-through dishwasher uses two external pumps for rinse aid and detergent, is simple to operate, and impressively energy efficient.

As ever, our in-house engineers conducted a site survey, installed and commissioned all equipment and will provide a comprehensive same day/ next day engineer response service. All account management is handled centrally from our head office in Surrey, which keeps things simple for national clients. The charity choose our Complete Care package, so there are no repair or replacement bills for the life of the contract.

Forbes' Commercial Team Enjoyed a Successful London Vet Show 2016.

5th December 2016

Our commercial team were exhibiting our Miele commercial washers, dryers and hygiene dishwashers at the London Vet Show at Excel on 17-18th November 2016.

Forbes Professional Veterinary Display

Our advisors offered a drop-in consultation to any visitors to our stand and advised upon industry guidelines for veterinary laundry functions.

A professional laundry operation is paramount in maintaining the required hygiene standards for any veterinary practice or animal care centre. Staining, excessive hair and fur build up and heavy soiling present animal care professionals with their own unique sanitary challenges and it is essential that commercial washers are employed to handle the daily laundry demands.

Forbes Professional for Veterinary Commercial Washers

All of our Miele washers offer both sluice and thermal disinfection to kill viruses and bacteria, and meet the stringent WRAS stipulations for a veterinary environment. For smaller practices, the Little Giant range of commercial washer and dryers with a wash time of 49 minutes offer excellent performance in a compact and stackable package. For larger facilities, Miele offers a range of higher capacity commercial washers that can handle loads up to 40kg.

Miele PG8059 Hygiene thermal dishwasher is perfect for feeding and drinking bowls. With fresh water intake for both main wash and final rinse and a final rinse temperature of 85◦C, thermal disinfection is assured.

We can also supply dosing equipment and detergent that offers further protection against cross-infection.

If you are considering changing your laundry and dishwashing equipment opening a new animal care practice and require advice on the right solution, please give contact us to see how we can help.

Technology is Central to Creating new Sources of Revenue for Hotels

5th December 2016

The latest technological developments within hotel TV bring together the hotel brand, the guest and local facilities to offer an exciting new communication and revenue stream.

Guests are no longer satisfied with a hotel screen that simply gives access to live broadcasted television viewing, and hoteliers are realising the potential that guest TV represents. With the move towards Smart TV, the in-room TV screen is a hub of communication, enabling guests to connect their own devices whilst the hotel and local businesses have access to high impact, direct messaging through bespoke graphic user interfaces.

Forbes Professional offers a fully customisable, bespoke content generation portal that provides an impressive, user friendly platform for optimising on brand and hotel messaging, driving revenue towards specific areas, and delivering promotional content in an efficient manner. It can also replace guest directories and eradicate the need for costly and outdated in-room stationery. Simple to navigate, our innovative system also represents an advertising space that can be sold to local businesses who are always keen to communicate with hotel guests as they are an attractive source of income.

Forbes Professional, hotel televisions service
Forbes Professional, hotel televisions service

We provide an end-to-end solution and work closely with our clients to design, build and content manage the channel, as required. A hotel’s branding is important and it is essential that every touch point reflects it appropriately. Our information channel is designed in such a way as to reflect the hotel’s brand image and specific requirements so each project requires a unique approach. Configured by a straightforward interface, content is cloud based and can be updated immediately, from a centralised location, which appeals to marketing teams, and multi-site operations.

The only pre-requisites for this portal are Freeview-enabled TVs and an activated internet connection to facilitate any internet based content such as news feeds.

Forbes Professional are a leading supplier of commercial hotel TV with rental and purchase options. If you are interested in more information and require a complimentary site survey to ascertain the specific requirements and a demonstration, please contact our commercial team.

Our Complete Care Rental Solutions for Commercial Washers and Hotel Televisions Prove a Success at the Independent Hotel Show.

4th November 2016

Forbes Professional returned to Kensington Olympia in October 2016 to exhibit our commercial washers and ware-washers, latest hotel televisions and innovative guest in-room messaging solutions.

Forbes Professional trade stand, Kensington Olympia exhibition, October 2016

We have been busy this week working though the exciting leads that we generated from hotels that were looking to review their laundry provision, bring their laundry in house, or to optimise on the opportunities presented by the in-room television screens.

Speaking to both existing and prospective rental and retail clients served as further evidence that there is a strong movement towards internalising hotel laundry facilities, where space will allow. More and more hoteliers are looking to regain control of both the cost and quality of their laundry operation, and our rental model gives access to premium Miele commercial washers, dryers and ware-washers without the upfront capital outlay, and with the security of a same day engineer response service.

Hoteliers continue to appreciate that guest TVs are a focal point of any hotel room and that they are key to delivering the right impression. Our TV information channels enable fully customisable, high impact messaging that eradicates the need for costly in-room stationery or unnecessary systems whilst elevating the hotel TV.

We always find that the Independent Show is a great opportunity for business development as well as for catching up with our industry friends and contacts, and keeping abreast of the latest hotel trends. We have already secured a stand for 2017 are already looking forward to returning next year.

Forbes Professional Delivers the Optimum Equine Laundry Solution


At Forbes Professional we understand that equine laundry is a very specialist area that requires large commercial machines to handle the processing of horse rugs, as well as saddlecloths halters and girths.

Equine laundry can be a messy business and the machines need to handle a lot of mud and horse hair. It is also essential that equestrian textiles are efficiently sanitised to reduce the risk of skin or fungal infections.

Forbes Professional is proud to offer a wide range of commercial laundry machines that are robust and durable enough to cope with the requisite heavy throughput of an equestrian environment. Our machines offer industry specific functionality, including specially designed programmes to clean and re-proof horse rugs and blankets.

horse saddle

Forbes always initiates each process with an on-site survey, in order to ascertain the specific requirements of the environment. Our laundry solutions are extremely simple to operate, and deliver fast cycles that are both water and energy efficient. Our in-house, fully trained engineers offer clients complimentary user training on all equipment to ensure that the machines are fully optimised.

Our Complete Care package gives access to on-premises laundry equipment without the upfront capital outlay. We offer a simple, fixed monthly payment structure that is 100% deductible against pre-tax profits and fully inclusive of a first class, same day breakdown response service.

Palins North Wales Holiday Parks logo

Palins Holiday Park Upgrades their On-Site Laundry Facilities

Forbes Professional was delighted to be recently approached by Palins Holiday Park when they were reviewing their laundry facility. Ideally situated on the beautiful North Welsh coast, Palins, like Forbes, is a long established family business. As they were approaching the new season, they wanted to install new laundry equipment into their on-site launderette.

Working to a tight deadline, Forbes' team of highly experienced account managers and in house engineers worked closely with Palins to find the solution best suited to the environment. After conducting a complimentary on-site survey, we removed the old equipment and installed and commissioned three commercial Horizon 10kg washers, with built in token mechanisms.

These Horizon machines are extremely durable and robust, to withstand the heavy workload of such an operation. They are ideal for any holiday park, high street launderette or communal residents' facility as they can be set up to be either coin or token operated.

Palins opted for Forbes Professional's 'Complete Care' package and, as with all clients, will have the benefit of our comprehensive same day next day service assurance, for the life of the contract.

Horizon commercial laundry machines provide an optimum clean whilst being extremely water and energy efficient which makes them the ideal solution for any busy environment. Forbes offers all equipment without upfront capital outlay or incumbrant repair or service costs. The reduced utility costs, and transparent fixed monthly payments and tax advantages of all rental payments can be 100% offset against corporation tax will inevitably have a positive effect on the bottom line.

Forbes Ensure Nurseries meet Hygiene Guidelines with Miele Commercial Dishwashers and Washing Machines

Forbes Professional makes Miele's premium laundry and dishwashing appliances accessible to nurseries. Ideally suited to a nursery environment, our commercial appliances are fully WRAS compliant and adhere to the latest Health and Safety Guidelines, whilst achieving a fast and efficient clean. Infection control is of paramount importance in any childcare environment, and preventing cross contamination is fundamental.

Our Speed Plus commercial dishwashers can complete a wash cycle in 5 minutes, and offer hygiene specific programmes which are in line with the stringent requirements of the child care industry. Our commercial washing machines and tumble dryers deliver a quick cycle whilst providing both sluice and thermal disinfection, to kill viruses and bacteria. All of our Miele commercial washers are robust and durable, to cope with the continuous demands of a busy day nursery.

In a childcare environment a domestic machine will simply not suffice. Not only will it not meet the requisite hygiene standards, but it will not be built to withstand the volume of loads that are created in such an environment. Our Complete Care solution gives access to the very best in commercial laundry and dishwashing appliances, without the upfront capital outlay or associated repair costs.

We always provide a complimentary on-site survey, in order to ascertain each client's bespoke requirements. Forbes Professional has a nationwide network of manufacturer trained, in-house engineers who fully install all equipment and deliver an unrivalled same day response service.

Forbes Professional Delivers a ‘Complete Care’ Solution to Serviced and Student Apartments

student flats and serviced apartments

Student and serviced apartments are rapidly evolving sectors that have seen exponential growth over 2015. Serviced apartments are becoming ever more popular, with both the business and leisure traveller and guests have an expectation of technology that is, at the very least, commensurate with what they have at home. Students today often have the option of 'high-spec' buildings that are fully fitted with every modern amenity.

Forbes Professional works extensively within both the student and serviced apartments industries and offers a wide range of both integrated and free standing kitchen appliances as well as latest in hospitality televisions.

Proud to be partnered with Bosch and Miele Professional, we provide premium laundry equipment, refrigeration and dishwashers. We deliver a consultative service and apply our industry knowledge to plan, source and install a bespoke solution for each environment.

We have large selection hospitality TVs, and can offer full connectivity, to enable guests/residents to play out their personal content on their in-room televisions. All of our TVs feature industry specific functionality, including volume restriction and tuning lock, to eliminate basic user issues and enhance to guest comfort.

Our Compete Care solution gives access to leading brands with a simple finance structure that relinquishes the need for up front capital expenditure. We have a nationwide infrastructure that enables us to fully install all equipment ourselves and deliver an unrivalled same day engineer response. It is our level of back up support that is key to our business. As service operators themselves, our clients do not want to be on reliant on third party service, and they need to know that their maintenance or IT support teams will not be inconvenienced by any technical issues.

We are looking forward to returning to Hotelympia this year, where we will be exhibiting some of our latest range commercial washers, integrated appliances and hospitality televisions. We will have our team of senior account managers on hand to offer any product information or industry advice.

Convey the Right Messages to Your Guest with Forbes Guest TV Channel

hotel TV

Forbes Professional is looking forward to returning to Hotelympia this year. We will be exhibiting our latest range of commercial televisions, complete with industry specific functionality, as well as our innovative solutions for guest communication.

Within the hotel industry, there has been a significant shift away from full-featured systems and towards stand-alone Freeview hotel televisions. Technology moves on at an exponential rate, and it is imperative that hoteliers keep in line with the latest advances if they wish to deliver the right impression. Whereas 5 years ago 26"-32" LCDs were the in-room standard, 40" slim bezel LEDs are now the go to in-room screen size, where space will allow.

Pay-per-view has dramatically diminished in popularity and, as a result, hoteliers struggle to justify investment in full-featured systems. However, systems offered the ability to communicate via a customised graphical interface on the televisions, which is where sometimes a stand-alone television does not suffice.

Forbes Professional has responded to the demand within the industry for an impressive, user-friendly platform for communicating to guests. We offer our clients a bespoke content generation portal that is fully customisable, simple to navigate, and can be bolted on to existing Freeview televisions to provide an impressive information channel on in-room hotel TVs. Our revolutionary solution provides a professional welcome page, delivers essential hotel information and drives revenue towards promotions in an efficient manner. It can also replace guest directories and eradicate the need for costly stationery. Additionally, the platform represents an advertising space that can be sold to external businesses to generate revenue.

We provide an end-to-end solution and will help design; build and content manage the channel, as required. Our information channel is configured via a straightforward interface, and can be set to a background sound track. Every element can be built to client requirements, and designed to be entirely consistent with the hotel brand and image.

When coupled with our hotel specific Freeview televisions, all with industry-tailored functionality, this portal provides the ideal platform for high impact guest entertainment and communication. The only pre-requisites are Freeview-enabled TVs, and an internet connection to facilitate any web based content, such as news feeds, if applicable. Forbes Professional always offer a complimentary onsite survey and will, as ever, be proud to demonstrate this innovative product to any hotelier at the show.

Forbes Professional Provides a WRAS Compliant Laundry Solution to Petersfield Veterinary Practice.

Miele vet install

Forbes Professional was delighted to be approached recently by St Peter's vets in Petersfield , who were looking to replace their existing laundry equipment. Having had a Viking washing machine for several years, the bearings had gone they needed a replacement as a matter of urgency.

We were happy to send one of our account managers directly to them to conduct an on-site survey and ascertain their bespoke requirements. As with any veterinary practice, hygiene is of paramount importance and they needed a machine that would adhere to water board WRAS stipulations.

Our 8kg Miele commercial washer is perfectly suited for such an environment, and has equestrian programmes to handle to processing of blankets and bedding, as well as providing both thermal disinfection and sluice to maintain the requisite hygiene standards. All of our machines are fully compliant with WRAS guidelines.

Forbes dispatched one of our in-house, manufacturer trained engineers to install and commission all equipment, and to offer any necessary user training to ensure that the equipment is used to its best potential. We will provide inclusive, on-going support and a comprehensive same day back up service for the length of the contract as part of our Complete Care rental solution.

Forbes Professional is Delighted to be Returning to the Care Roadshow on 17th November 2015, at Epsom Racecourse.

Care exhibition

Care Roadshows are a series of free, regional care events that are held across the UK. They bring together a variety of care suppliers and professionals, as well as industry experts. It represents an exciting space to discover the latest products and ideas from within the sector.

Forbes Professional is proud to be exhibiting our exciting new range of audiovisual products. We will be happy to demonstrate our innovative, end-to-end solutions for patient information channels and digital signage. Easily bolted on to our screens, these new interfaces provide high impact messaging and effective communication to residents, staff and visitors.

We are looking forward to welcoming new faces onto our stand for demonstrations and information, as well as catching up with some of our existing clients and contacts.

Soft Fluffy Spa Towels with Forbes & Miele

washer stack

With the hotel spa industry growing exponentially, the spa area is becoming a crucial barometer for measuring hotel standards. Guests expect excellence when they retreat to the spa to relax and unwind after a busy day; they expect a transormative experience that will leave them feeling rejuvenated and restored. Judgements will be made not only the treatment options available, but also on the facilities and the atmosphere; and fluffy clean towels are central to creating the right impression.

In our experience, the laundering of spa towels is a key area that hoteliers handle in house. The processing of towelling items does not require the same level of expertise as the bed linen does, and it is an area close to the main service which gives hotels both quality and cost control. With an in house laundry facility, hoteliers are relinquished of the worry of delayed returns of towels, or substandard end results.

Choosing the right laundry equipment is key to running a succesful operation. Our Miele commerical washers and dryers provide an optimum cycle, with patented honey combed drums to protect the fabric, and towel specific programmes to ensure that no guest will be disappointed.

Where space is of a premium, Miele's Little Giants provide the perfect solution. They offer the utmost in utility, flexibility and simplicilty of use, with stackable options to minimise their footprint in the room.

Forbes Professional always assumes a consultative approach and strives to devise a bespoke solution for each environment. We provide comprehensive user training to ensure that all equipment is fully maximised. After our delivery, our nationwide infrastructure and expansive network of engineers facilitates an unrivalled same day engineer response service.

Contact us for advice on how to achieve the right laundry solution for your Spa.

Forbes Professional is Proud to be Returning to Olympia for the The Independent Hotel Show.


Forbes Professional is excited to be returning to the Independent Hotel Show on the 20th and 21st October 2015. The show is the only forum in the UK that brings together the luxury, boutique and independent hotel sector. A diverse collection of industry innovators fill stands at London's Hotel Olympia for this expansive event.

We are proud to once again bring our team of industry experts to our stand, to advice on our full range of Miele laundry and dishwashing equipment, its hotel specific programme configuration and unrivalled water, energy and cost efficiency.

We will also be displaying the very latest Hotel TVs by Philips and Samsung. The new range delivers the SMART and immersive experiences that guests are becoming accustomed to at home.

To complement our screens we will demonstrate our fully customisable displays. We provide end-to-end solutions for high impact, visually appealing guest communication.

I H S 2014 I H S 2014 2

Established in 1926, and with clients ranging from large international groups to small boutique hotels, we have a solid understanding of industry requirements. We will be looking forward to meeting new contacts as well as catching up with many existing clients whilst at Olympia.

Stand 43.


Forbes Professional would like to welcome you to our exclusive product preview between 9 am and 5pm on Saturday 12th September 2015, at Waterside Conference Centre, Waterside Drive, Wigan, WN3 5BA

Montage of washing machines

We will be showcasing the latest in audiovisual and laundry solutions, all with hotel specific features, to optimise your guests' experiences.

Forbes Professional provides the latest in commercial laundry and electrical appliances, as well as hotel TV, information systems and digital signage. A family company, established in 1926, Forbes assumes a consultative approach to business and provides a bespoke end to end solution that is tailor made for each client. Our Complete Care package gives access to industry leading products with no initial capital outlay, and fixed monthly payments. We have an expansive nationwide infrastructure that facilitates an unrivalled backup service, with a same day engineer response.

As technology rapidly evolves, our packages give access to timely periodic upgrades to ensure that clients can keep inline with the latest advances.

Televisions are a key focal point and are pivotal to delivering the right impression to your guests. We are looking forward to presenting our exciting new range of hotel televisions, all of which feature industry tailored functionality. Our new product ranges deliver the SMART, immersive experience that guests are becoming accustomed to using at home.

To compliment our screens, we will also be demonstrating our cutting edge digital signage and information channel options. These interfaces facilitate high impact communication to guests, both in the guest rooms and in high traffic communal areas.

Proud partners of Miele, our commercial laundry and dishwashing products offer with both thermal and sluice disinfection to meet the requisite hygiene standards for WRAS compliance. In our experience, clients find that on premises laundry facility enables them to effectively take back control of both the quality and cost control of their laundry operation. We offer comprehensive user training on all of our products, to ensure that the equipment if fully optimised.

Serviced Apartments Focus on Design and Technology as the Sector Gains Momentum

The serviced apartment sector is a key business area for Forbes Professional, and one that is currently growing exponentially. WATG, the world's leading design consultants for the hospitality, leisure and entertainment industries, just released a really positive report on serviced apartments, and the direction in which the market is heading. They identified the emerging travelling trends and the way in which new products and interest has lead to considerable growth within the industry. It makes for interesting reading.

Whereas previously, serviced apartments had predominately assumed a mid-market positioning, this year will see the emergence of luxury branding within the sector. This shift, coupled with the high expectations of Generations X , Y and Z will change the dynamics of modern travel. There is a call for an innovative and responsive approach to designand technology from within the hospitality sector. As the marketplace evolves it is fundamental that trends are anticipated.

With guests expecting access to efficient yet simplistic functionality whilst away from home, the sector needs to keep abreast of technological advances. Multi media platforms and full connectivity is requisite for millenial travellers, and they will expect full interactivity between in-room technology and their mobile phones or tablets.

Forbes Professional provides serviced apartments with integrated appliances as well audiovisual solutions for full connectivity. We have a solid understanding of sector requirements, and assume a consultative approach in order to devise a bespoke solution for any environment. After installation all of our clients have the peace of mind afforded by our comprehensive backup service.

Read the WATG report here ...

Forbes Professional Welcomes Care Providers at the Caring UK Conference and Exhibition

Forbes Professional is delighted to be at Caring UK's Care Providers' Conference 2015 in Torquay today. We have had a great start to the morning, catching up with existing clients as well as advising other delegates as to the latest laundry and information solutions for the care sector.

With the impending growth forecast for resident requirements, the show is entitled 'Shaping the Future of Care.' Forbes is well positioned to guide care homes through the latest technological advances, and our Complete Care package gives access to premium products with no initial capital outlay and a comprehensive backup service.

Gill and Ian Russell will welcome all visitors to the stand, and will be happy to consult on Miele commercial laundry solutions. They will also be demonstrating our innovative information channels and digital signage options for healthcare TV.

Forbes Professional Facilitates OPL Expansion

Miele stacked washer dryer

Forbes Professional was recently approached by Lester Hotels, one of our existing customers who were looking to expand the on premises laundry function at one of their properties. Ramada Resort Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel & Spa is a beautiful 16th Century hotel nestling in the Monmouthshire countryside that is steeped in history and boasts magnificent views. Having already leased a stackable Miele washing machine and tumble dryer from us, they now needed to increase their in house laundry capacity in order to cater for a growing spa facilty.

Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel and Spa were able to accommodate another stackable Miele washing machine and tumble dryer as their spa expanded, which will facilitate the processing of the resulting extra towels and robes. These machines are the ideal solution for their operation as they offer the utmost in utility, flexibility and product quality whilst stacking to minimise their footprint and allow for easy scalablility. Our Miele products are simple to operate, with hotel specific programmes. Forbes always installs all equipment and offers comprehensive user training to ensure that our clients fully optimise each machine.

Whilst immaculate linen and fluffy towels are often taken for granted in hotels, they are crucial to creating the right impression. In our experience, OPLs enable hoteliers to take control of both quality and costs, relinquishing them of the worry of delayed laundry deliveries or substandard end results. We have found that, when setting up an in house laundry function, hoteliers often start with an area that is close to the main services and will allow for expnsion over time. Processing bed linen requires a degree of expertise in order to achieve the requisite standards of finishing, whilst towelling items do not require such specialist knowledge.

Cwrt Bleddyn opted for our Complete Care package, which gives access to premium products with corporate tax advantages and no costly initial outlay. They will have the peace of mind afforded by Forbes' same day back up service; supported by our nationwide infrastructure of fully trained, Miele approved engineers.

"Lester Hotels have worked with Forbes for many years during which time we have always found them to be extremely reliable, conscientious and dedicated to ensuring that they supply the equipment for the job. They are prepared to go out of their way to respond to any request, carry out research in the market place to seek solutions, and fully understand the equipment that they are offering. I have been happy to recommend Forbes to other hoteliers and will continue to do so." Martin Johnstone F.D. Lester Hotels.

Care Homes Inspected by Water Board for Regulation Compliance


In the UK, the installation of any product which will receive or carry water from the public mains must be compliant with the Water Supply Regulations, or the Scottish Water Byelaws. The regulations state that there must not be unnecessary waste, or undue consumption of water. The guidelines also stipulate that all appliances must have the requisite backflow protection, in order to prevent contamination of the water supply.

A risk assessment deciphers the 'Fluid (risk) Category' and the resulting level of protection that is required. Care homes are amongst the premises that pose the highest risk of contamination to the mains water supply and therefore fall within the highest risk category- Fluid Category 5.

Forbes Professional has been approached by a number of care homes that have been subject to an on-site inspection by the local water board enforcement officers. If laundry or dishwashing appliances are decreed to pose a risk of contamination, the waterboard will insist that measures are put in place immediately to ensure that there is no backflow into public water supplies. Domestic machines alone will not suffice in these environments as they do not offer adequate protection.

Forbes is proud to supply Miele Professional's commercial laundry products and dishwashers, which have all been certified as WRAS approved. As such, not only will they comply with all water board stipulations but they will prove to be cost efficient to run, in terms of both water and energy consumption.

Forbes Professional always provides a complimentary on site survey for any business that is having issues with WRAS compliance. We apply our industry expertise and consultative approach in order to devise a bespoke solution for any environment, in accordance with all the necessary regulations.

After delivery, clients have the peace of mind afforded not only by the knowledge that they will be fully WRAS compliant, but also by the backup provided with our Complete Care package. We offer access to premium equipment with no costly initial outlay and a comprehensive same day engineer response service.

Care homes must ensure full compliance with water regulations - read about it here ...

Miele have launched their latest range of dishwashers to the market, each with a freshwater system that revolutionises the way cutlery, crockery, glasses and pans are cleaned by introducing fresh water at each phase of the cycle.

There are three new model ranges, which cover all requirements for any busy hospitality or healthcare environment.

The BRILLIANT model PG8058 is designed for the hospitality industry, and meets the requirements of a busy restaurant kitchen and bar with unprecedented precision. The special GlassCare programmes carefully clean glasses and cutlery to a sparkling finish whilst eliminating the need for manual hand polishing, reducing both labour costs and breakages.

The HYGEINE model PG8059 provides thermal disinfection, resulting in a hygienically clean end result for care homes, and healthcare environments. These machines arepurpose built for settings that are at a high risk for infection, viruses and superbugs. The machine has 13 programmes delivering the highest standards of cleanlinessand each ensuring that infection control standards are adhered to.

The SPEED Model PG8055 offers exceptionally quick cycles, without ever compromising on the quality of the wash. The SPEED PLUS Model PG8056 dishwasher excels with even shorter cycle times of as little as five minutes, also without compromising the cleanliness of the load. Both machines have 11 wash programmes and high load capacity making them ideal for hotels, restaurants, schools and offices which can necessitate up to 40 cycles/day.

New Toyota Proace Vans for our Field Service Engineers

Proace van

Our Forbes Laundry Rentals division has recently expanded following our new partnership with Miele Professional. With the increase in business, we have added Toyota Proace Vans to our fleet in order to further facilitate the transportation of our laundry and dishwasher equipment.

The Toyota Proaces will be used by our field based service engineers. These vans are equipped with purpose made racking for carrying a full range of Miele spare parts. All of the requisite parts being stored in this way in the van will help enable our teams to meet their same day service target.

Obviously Toyota's renowned reliability and driver feedback played a key role in the decision making, as well as the efficient diesel engine and driver safety features. However, the vans' load capabilities were of paramount importance. Our aim, as ever, is to ensure that we do everything we can to service any faulty equipment in situ. If this is not possible we will always leave a replacement machine so that clients do not need to suffer any unnecessary disruption to routines due to technical failure. It is essential that our vans have sufficient load transportation capacity, in order to be ready for any eventuality.


See you at Hotelympia Technology ExCel London 28th April – 1st May 2014

April/May 2014

Hotelympia is the UK's largest trade event for the Hospitality sector with over 32,000 visitors from the hotel, restaurant, pub and bar, cafe bar and quickservice industries.

Hotelympia is unveiling a completely new look, a new four-day format and new spring dates in the diary. The revitalised 2014 event will be situated in one extended, single access hall benefitting from FREE WiFi, making the Hotelympia show-floor the UK's biggest-ever hotbed of hospitality activity.

Forbes Laundry Rentals will showcase the latest Miele Professional laundry and dishwashing products. Miele are committed to quality and innovation and are guided by their philosophy of 'Immer Besser' 'Forever Better'.

We would be delighted to welcome you on to our stand to talk about the Miele Professional range from washer extractors to Rotary ironers and our services that we can offer to support the appliances. Come and see the Miele Little Giant washer extractor and dryers that will wash and dry a complete load on a 60°C wash in an incredible 89 minutes.

If you require a new laundry system, or are thinking about bringing your outsourced laundry in-house, we will be on hand to offer you the advice that you need.

Come and see us in the Spa area of Hotelympia on stand 3718