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Our systems for centralised pay points include coin, note, cashless card or key and credit/debit card options. All of our payment solutions in perfect synergy with our commercial washing machines and tumble dryers to deliver a highly efficient laundry function. Revenue sharing options enable regular accountable collections that raise user satisfaction and increase efficiency.

‘One Step’ card payment machines facilitate a streamlined process that suits our cashless generation and delivers complete financial transparency. You can control a number of machines via a simple user-face that is compatible with most contactless bankcard systems. Such cashless pay stations are increasingly popular and eliminate the risks of fraud and misuse that can be associated with unsecured coin-operated laundry machines.

  • a group of students giving thumbs up

    University Campus’

    We can work with you to create a managed on-campus launderette that can boost footfall to provide a significant revenue stream whilst making life easier for your students.

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    Key Worker Accommodation

    An on-site managed launderette will help you attract more key workers to your accommodation and give access to a regular laundry income throughout residency periods.

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    Leisure Sites

    LA launderette is a key operation for a holiday park or campsite and a managed laundry can enable you to effortlessly boost profits and improve your site facilities.

  • No repair bills
  • No capital outlay
  • Breakdown cover
  • Monthly payments

MyLaundry – up to 32 machines

Mifare® technology for different payment options and higher safety

  • Mifare payment machine


    • Perfect for sheltered housing
    • Designed around the WorldKey cashless system, it combines all the benefits deriving from Mifare® technology with the safety and reliability of the peripherals installed
    • Management of up to 32 different washing and drying machines, due to the modularity of the peripherals installed
    • Variety of payment options and comes with a practical and secure keyboard. The user can pay with cash, by credit/debit card or with the WorldKey payment supports (cards, keys, ...)
    • Mifare® card/key reader, able to manage bonuses, happy hours and promotional campaigns to increase customer loyalty
    • Different installation modes: wall-mounted, by means of a bracket provided or recessed, by means of an optional flange
    • Comes with Mifare® card
  • Bank card payment machine


    Simple bankcard payment solution


    • Perfect for landlords
    • Service activation by choosing a service number on the anti vandal keypad, and paying by bank card
    • Compatible with most contactless bank card payment systems
    • Management and automation up to 8 services
    • Comes with Mifare® card
  • One step payment machine

    OneStep Payment

    Simple one step only payment solution


    • Perfect for universities
    • A unique ‘one step’ process for students, allowing payment via contactless card
    • One simple tap of debit or credit card will automatically take payment from the account and start the desired wash cycle with the press of a button
    • No need for additional student laundry cards, no registration, no tricky codes to tap in, no need to carry coins and no need to waste any time when it is not needed
    • Comes with Mifare® card