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Miele Tank Dishwashers

Tank Washers

Forbes Professional is proud to supply Miele's latest range of under-counter tank dishwashers. Exquisitely engineered, these machines provide the optimum warewashing system, combining impeccable cleaning results with impressively short cycles.

Tank dishwashers are renowned for being durable work horses that are ideally suited for any busy environment, and Miele's latest generation exceed all expectations. The spray arms ensure full surface coverage and the wash liquor is closely monitored in order to guarantee spotless cutlery, immaculate crockery and sparkling glasses, every time. Variable pump pressure, simple touch screen operation and load specific programming capabilities combine with gentle-start mechanisms and water and energy efficiency to provide the ideal solution for any commercial requirement.

The new range is complimented by a wide range of baskets and accessories, to cater to any load specification.

Key Features

PG8172 Throughfeed Dishwasher

PG8172 Throughfeed Dishwasher

  • Throughfeed Dishwasher with Speed Wash
  • Item specific solutions to ensure the right programme selection
  • Simple and flexible operation
PG8164 BRILLIANT Compact

PG8164 BRILLIANT Compact

  • Premium glass washer with tank system
  • Perfect for behind-the-counter use
  • Shortest cycle:45 seconds
PG8165 UNIVERSAL Compact

PG8165 UNIVERSAL Compact

  • Reduced-height tank dishwasher
  • Perfect for behind-the-counter/bistro use
  • Shortest cycle:55 seconds


  • General use tank dishwasher
  • Customisable trays and baskets
  • Shortest cycle:55 seconds


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