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Miele MopStar 60 Washing Machine

The New Incredible Tool for Janitorial Cleaners

Miele Professional logo MopStar 60

Miele's innovative new washing machine was developed specifically to properly clean, and extend the life of microfibre mops and cloths.

Small and compact, the washer can fit in a janitor closet, or in maintenance areas, to provide on-site cleaning capability.

This washer is useful where infection control is concern such as hospitals, care homes, schools, multi site restaurants.

The mop head washer allows cleaning cloths to be washed and conditioned with detergent or disinfectant for reuse in a single composite program cycle. This incredible feature comes as a standard with Miele's MopStar 60.

This patented Miele process improves hygiene standards as well as optimising work processes and the amount of detergents used. Automatic conditioning cuts down on costly labour costs by avoiding manual processes. Carrying buckets of detergent and wringing mops in hazardous solutions can now be consigned to history.

In addition, the MopGiantTM allows four different moisture levels to ensure that mops have the optimal moisture level to clean as much as possible with one mop.

Crucially, Miele's aim when developing this machine was to help streamline the cleaning process. They have certainly delivered on that goal.

Thanks to a specially coated surface and powerful jets of water, detergent is flushed out of both the main wash and pre-wash compartments without leaving any residue. As a result, the AutoClean dispenser always remains perfectly clean.


Dewatering Process

Miele's dewatering process was designed to improve the removal of soil. This involves spinning mops before washing them - releasing and discharging 50% of the soil before the actual cleaning process has begun.

The Miele MopStar 60 washing machines are equipped with special dispenser modules that allow up to 6 dispenser pumps to be connected. The machine can also process "container empty" signals from up to 6 supply canisters. This ensures that no wash is performed without the requisite amount of detergent or disinfectant being dispensed.

Barrier Free Drainage

In order to prevent the drainage system from clogging, the MopStar 60 is equipped with a newly developed dump valve. An optimised actuator and an increased cross-sectional diameter prevents clogging and deposits even in the face of coarse soiling.

Cotton or Microfibre

The choice between cotton or microfibre mops has a significant impact on cleaning results. The MopGiantTM is able to differentiate between cotton and microfibre textiles. With just a simple turn on the control, the wash process is configured for optimum results.

Heavy Duty Motor

The powerful asynchronous motor with a frequency converter enables variable speed control in the wash cycle and guarantees quiet running properties during spinning. Depending on requirements, cleaning cloths can be dewatered to a residual moisture content of only 22%, ready once again for immediate use.

Special Honeycomb Drum

Miele's exclusive hexagonal surface relief pattern ensures the gentle treatment of mops and cleaning cloths. For the Miele MopStar 60 added perforations in the rear drum panel to ensure that coarse particulate soil is reliably removed without placing an excessive load on textiles in the drum.

Thanks to a specially coated surface and powerful jets of water, detergent is flushed out of both, the main wash and pre-wash compartments without leaving any residue. As a result, the AutoClean dispenser always remains perfectly clean..


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