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Commercial Installation Gallery

We employ our own fully trained installation teams, as opposed to subcontracting, thus ensuring the same high standards. Each of our customers has the security of our on site repair and service should they encounter any problems, so at no time should the guest experience be compromised. It is this level of support and professionalism that sets Forbes apart in the market.

Installation and Commissioning.

Miele Little Giants for London service apartments
Kent school update laundry facility to Miele Professional

Installation and Commissioning.

Installation and Commissioning.

Installation and Commissioning.

Installation and Commissioning.

Installation and Commissioning of a Stacked Miele 8kg Washer and Dryer.

Miele PWT6089 and PT7189
Hotel, Southend

Miele Little Giant PW5064 with Sluice Washer for Care Home Installation.

Swansea Hotel Chose Miele for their Laundry Requirements.

Devon Hotel Upgrades Two Tumble Dryers to Miele.

Veterinary Practice Rents the Miele 8kg Washer and Dryer.

Blackburn Care Home.

Spa Hotel Makes Light Work of Towel Laundry.

Housing Complex Takes Mix of Commercial and Domestic Appliances.

London Hostel Rents Miele Little Giants with Coin Mech.

Leeds Care Home Rents the Miele PT8303 Dryer.

Welsh Holiday Park Rents Three New 10kg Washers with Coin Mech.

Wiltshire Care Home Rents the 8kg Miele PW6080 Washer.

Devon Hotel Rents Miele Washers with Coin Mech.

Childrens' Care Home Rents the Latest Miele 10kg dryer.

Suffolk Care Home Chooses Forbes as their Miele Laundry Provider.