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TV Information Channel

High Impact Guest Communication

Within the hotel industry, there has been a significant shift away from full-featured systems towards Freeview televisions. As pay-per view has dramatically diminished in popularity, hoteliers struggle to justify investment in such a system. However, full-featured systems offered the ability to communicate via a customised graphical interface on the televisions, which is where sometimes a stand-alone television doesn't suffice.

Orton Hall
SACO Locke

Fully Customisable Portal

Forbes Professional provides an impressive, user-friendly platform for communicating to guests. Our bespoke content generation portal is fully customisable, simple to navigate, and can be bolted on to existing Freeview televisions to provide an impressive information channel on in-room hotel TVs.

Garrison hotel
Bingham Hotel

Cost Effective Interface

Simple to navigate, our revolutionary solution provides a professional welcome page, delivers essential hotel information and drives revenue towards promotions in an efficient manner. It can also replace guest directories and eradicate the need for costly stationery. Additionally, the platform represents an advertising space that can be sold to external businesses to generate revenue.

End-to-End Solution

We provide an end-to-end solution and will help design, build and content manage the channel, as required. Our information channel is configured via a straightforward interface, and can be set to a background sound track. Every element can be built to client requirements, and designed to be entirely consistent with the hotel brand and image.

Revolutionary Product

The only pre-requisites are Freeview-enabled TVs, and an internet connection to facilitate any internet based content, such as news feeds, if applicable. Forbes Professional offer a complimentary onsite survey and are always proud to demonstrate this innovative product to any hotelier.